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         Wenzhou Jiada Co., Ltd
         Website : http://www.www.susansheller.com/
         Address:Wenzhou city Yueqing seven port / / Wenzhou Longwan dockServices

      About us

        Wenzhou Jiada container transport Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 August, is a company specializing in container transport enterprises. Mainly engaged in the import and export of container transport of Wenzhou port. My company after years of unremitting efforts, has a professional staff of the container transportation in Wenzhou: Longwan million tons of port and Yueqing port has seven resident set trucks more than 50 vehicles, operating in good condition; full-time do single, scheduling staff more than 10 people; all my company carrying cargo through the special computer software management, archive. We adhering to the "pragmatic innovation, steady and trustworthy" principle of service, the use of advanced ideas, logistics network management perfect, pay attention to the safety of transportation, customers would like to think, urgent customer needs, service first, the credibility of the first!

      Company Name:Wenzhou Jiada container transport Co., Ltd.
      Company website: www.www.susansheller.com,
      : 0577-61678886

      Tel :0577-62675338 0577-56751589
      Address:Wenzhou city Yueqing seven port / / Wenzhou Longwan dockServices

      Throughout the planning

      Commercial network planning of cities (regional)
      Project market of special research
      Project Positioning Report
      Project business structure planning
      Project marketing plan
      Project investment planning
      Project planning
      Value-added to adjust the planning of the project secondary

      Full consultant

      Land for the project consultant
      Project pre-consultant
      Project construction and commercial facilities planning consultant
      Project Investment Advisor
      Project Sales Consultant
      Operation of the project consultant
      Project Management Consultant
      Dynamic analysis of competing projects consultants
      Project quadratic adjustment consultant
      Finance Adviser

      Demonstration projects

      Project feasibility study
      Economic Efficiency Appraisal
      Cash Flow Analysis
      Project Business and Property function matches the argument
      Project format distribution argument
      Sustainability demonstration of the project business
      The project is the second adjustment feasibility study

      Functional planning

      Project economic and technical indicators of effectiveness estimates
      Project layout program
      Project Commercial Space Planning
      Construction ratio of planning
      Shops split planning
      Business people flow line planning
      Commercial building facade Planning
      Commercial public environmental planning
      Business guides system planning

      Investment agency

      With the development of overall project investment program plan
      The development of detailed phase of work schedules and work arrangements
      China Merchants progress report
      Project promotion and the initial communication to discuss
      Excavation of potential business contact, communication, screening, screening the main, non-main business
      Specific implementation of the behavior of the Merchants
      The negotiation of the terms of the lease
      The signing of the lease letter of intent
      Contract negotiations and the signing of formal lease agreement

      Sales agents

      Incorporation of the project sales team
      Sales skills training for sales staff
      Sales organization and arrangement of the control
      Registration and reception of visiting customers
      Summary and analysis of monthly sales
      Site advertising effectiveness tracking
      Analysis of the calls the visits
      Analysis of weekly and monthly actual turnover of the situation
      Weekly sales sheets and monthly sales plan
      Adjustment of marketing strategies based on sales

      Project hosting

      Project Commercial Property Management
      Project business management
      Project business marketing

      Capital operation

      Project investment and financing economic calculation
      Project financing model proposes
      The introduction of investment and financing customers
      The introduction of strategic investors and customers
      Investment and financing proc
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